Best Windows Registry Cleaners in Sri Lanka

I am often asked which is the best registry cleaner in Sri Lanka at the moment. You will find just by doing a quick search on the Internet that there are literally hundreds of different registry cleaners available.

Below you can read our registry cleaner reviews of the top 5 tools on the web, with an unbiased, in-depth, side by side, registry cleaner comparison.

Read on to see which is the Best Windows certified Registry Cleaner on the market today…

Common Signs Of Registry Problems on Your Computer – Blue Screens, Computer Freezes, Windows Errors and System Crashes with Easy to Use Tools, Slow & Sluggish, Random Shut Downs, Multiple/Constant Error Messages.


CCleaner is a powerful Windows registry cleaner. Clean and repair registry errors safely and completely. CCleaner is powerful enough for experts yet easy enough for beginners. It offers easy one-click operation for those who don’t want to deal with lots of technical stuff.

All of the critically needed Windows registry cleaner scan options were present in CCleaner. Choices include Com/Active X, Uninstall Entry, Font Entry, Shared DLLs, Application Paths, Help Files Info, Windows Startup, File and Path References, Program Shortcuts, Empty Registration Keys, and File Associations.

CCleaner will provide you with automatic scanning for the windows registry. This means you can schedule scans and CCleaner will check your computer’s registry on a particular date. Since it’s important to scan your registry often, this feature is invaluable. If you’d like, you may also use CCleaner to scan and manually clean your registry.

Another great feature about the CCleaner is that it is great for the average user that does not want to manually clean their registry. It has a built in feature which allows automatic scanning of your computer with a few simple clicks.

CCleaner comes complete with a back-up option so you don’t have to worry about losing any necessary data. CCleaner is fairly inexpensive and you may even try out a free registry scan before purchasing. Fix PC registry problems without hiring an expensive technician. Clean and repair windows registry errors quickly and easily all on your own.

An attribute that caught my attention was the CCleaner support extensive FAQ/knowledge base at their website.

The makers of CCleaner are so sure you’ll be satisfied with their product that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Not only that, but you can actually download CCleaner and scan your registry for errors absolutely free before deciding whether or not you want to purchase the program.

Windows Registry

Windows Registry is a popular free product. With Windows Registry you can clean and repair the Windows registry quickly and safely. The Windows registry is a complex database that is actually quite easy to repair … with the right registry cleaner software.

Contrast that with high hourly rates for a technician who will just run one of the registry cleaner programs for you. Don’t even think about calling a technician for a slow system or DLL errors until you run a registry cleaner first for yourself.

It has a very simple interface, yet it offers a complete fix for the problems that ail your computer. This registry cleaner will restore entire DLL files, and it also comes with a backup. The PC instantly works better, beginning with the very first restart.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is one of those softwares that will help you scan your registry without knowing what a dll or a invalid entry is or what a help file is. It even claims to to scan the entire hadrdrive within a space of 2 minutes. This registry cleaner software has won awards from experts and editors all over the globe. Registry Mechanic is easy to use and works overtime to scan and clean the windows registry.

One immediately noticeable plus with Registry Sweep is that it grades the files it targets for repair according to a priority grading scheme of low, medium, or high. This lets the user know which entries are more important to repair.

When Wise Registry Cleaner scans the registry, it shows the progress of the scan. You will get an update realtime as your registry gets fixed. You can even schedule so as to scan the registry at a time you are comfortable and convenient with. You can be rest assured that the scan will be done on those hours. Well, if you are finicky about peak performance, you can even schedule Wise Registry Cleaner to run as soon as your system starts off. Wise Registry Cleaner can also monitor your system’s registry performance in real time from the system tray, in order to automatically prevent the build up of invalid files.

It’s scan feature is quick and very thorough. On our test machine, it discovered a large amount of junk that had been left behind from both installation and uninstall applications, as well as recent internet activity. It found 290 errors from a variety of sources: Shared DLL, Start up, Add remove programs, Temp files/Shortcuts, Custom Controls, and DeepScan.

Wise Registry Cleaner has a very easy and intuitive interface. You can scan using 3 options that are available. You can clean the registry or start off the Junk File Cleaner or maybe the Evidence Cleaner. You have the option of automatically scanning for all the common errors that might occur on the registry or else you can choose to scan for only one particular type of error.

Overall, though, Registry Sweep does a more than adequate job of cleaning the registry, which after all is why people buy this registry cleaner. It contains an excellent online help files section, and its graphic interface is easy to follow and to use.

Advanced SystemCare

Ready to fix and clean registry errors quickly and without the expensive costs of a computer technician? Install Registry Clean and start to clean and scan registry errors within minutes. This popular registry cleaner download will repair your corrupt files, registry keys, paths and get your computer running at its optimal speed again.

An increase in registry key errors is one of the top reasons for slow PC performance, windows errors, and computer meltdowns. The registry is a database containing important settings for your PC. When it becomes cluttered, your computer’s performance will suffer.

Run registry cleaner software like Advanced SystemCare to get your computer working smoothly again.

iolo System Mechanic

Are you tired of the dreaded blue screen and windows errors? Then try running a registry cleaner like iolo System Mechanic. iolo System Mechanic is one of a number of free registry cleaners that are currently on the market today for download to assist with computer problems across the board.

iolo System Mechanic Registry cleaner will search the Windows registry for unnecessary registry keys and clean and fix registry errors. This will leave your registry smaller, less cluttered, and with fewer registry keys pointing to missing files. In the end, running registry cleaner software will speed up your computer’s performance and leave it running nearly brand new again.

iolo System Mechanic is a Windows registry scanner and cleaner that has been tested to make sure your registry will stay safe. This program also has many options for you. You can scan your Windows registry automatically or manually. Automatic is the best option if you just want the job done and don’t know much about .DLL files and such.

When we tested iolo System Mechanic, we found its scan took a bit longer than some of the other registry cleaners, but it performed an exhaustive search of the problems and fixed each completely. The performance enhancement is quite noticeable right away. It also allows you to schedule regular maitenance, to avoid problems that might arise in the future. iolo System Mechanic did what it said it would, it “nuked” the errors on our registry!

This software is specially programmed to help you clean up your registry, and it provides you many options to do so. If you are a more experienced user who knows exactly what type of error your computer is having, you can use the Manual scan function to reduce the scanning time. However, most people who don’t know much about registry file types should go for the Automatic scan function.

In the end, registry clean up is an important maintenance activity you must do to extend the life of your computer.

Why you need a good registry cleaner?

The Windows registry is a filing system where Windows stores all the preferences and settings of files for software and hardware drivers. Every time you install a new program, new registry entries are created.

All these activities gradually slow down your computers speed, and overall performance. This is a very common problem that Windows based computers tend to have. The main culprit in this “aging” is the clutter that builds up over time as Windows is used dynamically (programs added and removed, settings changed, etc.)

This is Why You Need a Windows certified Registry Cleaner!

Fortunately it’s very easy to clean up the registry on your PC. All you need to do is get your hands on a good, high-quality registry-repair software program. These programs will scan your computer and in seconds report all the obsolete, broken, and excess files. You can then delete them all with the click of a button.

Reading about registry cleaner reviews is the first step but cleaning up the registry is what will get rid of all the junk that clogs up your machine and causes Windows to get bogged down while trying to make sense of all those invalid entries.

A registry cleaner will effectively detect and eliminate these problems. The best registry Cleaners come with simplified user interface built for both computer newbies and experts.

Top 5 Most Common Problems With Computers

Common problems with computers. Most people think that their computers are only built to last, at most 2 years, after which it will need to be replaced rather than get computer repair. The reason why they believe this myth is after only a couple of years’ use, their computers crash due to viruses or other massive software-related errors. These things often happen mostly in part of the owner failing to do even the simplest computer maintenance tasks. You can learn more by visiting registry cleaner reviews.

In this article, you will learn about the 5 most common computer problems and what kind of computer repair can be done for them and what to do so they won’t happen again.

Problem 1 – Slow Performance

This is the most common problems with computers. There are several reasons why this could be happening; either the hard drives are full or they’re fragmented, or there are too many programs running in the background at the same time. To fix this you need to uninstall unused programs and delete unnecessary files to free up hard disk space, and use the disk defragmenter in the system tools to get your hard disk into tip-top shape.

Problem 2 – Screen freezes, the computer locks up, and the blue screen of death

When these things happen to your computer then the problem might be a bit more serious; but don’t worry, it’s still fixable. If your screen freezes, the problem may lie with your device drivers. If you installed additional hardware in your computer, you should go to the device manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers for it. The drivers are the programs that your computer uses to communicate with the hardware you installed; if there’s a problem with the driver and the computer still tries to use the device then it will freeze up.

Problem 3 – The Computer Suddenly Restarts or Shuts Down

This type of problem is usually attributed to the computer getting overheated. Try and check if you feel that the computer is getting a bit too hot, also check if the cooling fan is working properly. If the fan is spinning too slow, or it isn’t moving at all, try and clean it using a small brush or blasting it a couple of times with compressed air.

Problem 4 – Strange Noises and Vibrations

Your computer is an electronic device, meaning that it does not have too many moving parts in it. The only culprits when you hear strange noises (other than beeps) coming from your computer are the cooling fans, the hard disk drives, or the optical drive (DVD-ROM drive). Try running the computer with the case open so you can see where the noise is coming from, if the cooling fan is dirty you can just clean it and it will be okay, if the sound is coming from elsewhere then you should get a computer repair service take a look at your computer.

Problem 5 – Your Home Page in Your Browser Got Changed

If this happened to you, then you’re a victim of high jacking. This means that spyware has gotten into your system and manipulated your browsers java settings without you knowing it. You can get rid of it by using a simple anti-spyware program to scan your computer and eliminate the malware.

Now that you know the most common problems with computers and what causes them, you can now do some rudimentary computer repair and maintenance so they won’t happen again.

Windows Registry Common Problems

Having a broken computer can be pretty frustrating at times, but it does not have to be. All you need to do is to know the different problems that your computer might experience and what caused them. In this article you’ll know all computer problems and computer repair.

Here are some of the most common computer errors that most computer owners have been complaining about for years; you may have experienced quite a few so you might be familiar with them, also included are their probable causes:

  • Slow Computer Speed – This is a problem that is usually caused by a full hard disk, or spyware; both of which are preventable with regular computer maintenance and protective software (like antivirus, anti-spyware programs.
  • Computer Freezing and Crashing – Most commonly caused by malware like viruses or spyware, can also be attributed to a corrupted registry. This can be prevented by installing an antivirus program and periodic checking of the registry using a registry cleaner program.
  • Browser Homepage Changed and Pop-up Windows Constantly Appearing – This is a result of a serious spyware infection. Most of the time if the infection is not too serious it can still be removed by a anti-spyware program, but in serious cases reformatting the hard drive is the last option.
  • Strange Noises – Might be caused by a dirty or malfunctioning cooling fan. Regular cleaning of the computers cooling system should be done in order to avoid overheating.

As you can see, most of these problems are preventable; you only need to do some maintenance work.

Registry Cleaner Buying Factors

Regular computer buffs should now consider reading some registry cleaner software reviews on the Net so that they could have some knowledge on how to fix their computer’s registry should emergency situations arrive. If many of us think that what we sometimes do on our computer relentlessly, like installing and removing programs frequently, have minor effects on the hardware, then we should think again.

Installing and removing programs changes the values in the registry, which may damage some registry keys, thus causing them to become redundant or corrupted. Such damage slows down a computer while it is turned on, and eventually regular crashes may take place, and worse, the Blue Screen of Death may appear if the registry problem does not get solved.

It is possible to clean up the registry manually, but it spends plenty of time – quite an inconvenience if you rely on the computer for long periods of time for a day – and that procedure is also prone to damaging mistakes. Does that mean that there is little hope remaining? Not so, because there are registry cleaners that could take on the task.

A registry cleaner, or registry optimization software, rids the registry of damaged registry keys. A registry cleaner comparison is wise to read if you are considering cleaning up your registry but aren’t sure which software to choose for it.

What should we look for in a high quality registry cleaner? The following are often cited on registry cleaner software reviews as the factors looked at most often:

(1) Of course, the first is how effective the registry cleaner is in doing its job. All registry cleaners can fix basic lapses in the registry, but only the high-class ones can fix the most troublesome of errors – those corrupted keys which are difficult to handle manually. If your computer needs just periodic maintenance, then any fine registry cleaner will do (because your computer’s registry will become flawless every now and them, thus lessening the possibility of serious registry problems) but in case of a severely damaged registry, a potent registry cleaner is recommended.

(2) Consider also whether the registry cleaner affects normal computer operations. Ideally, a good registry cleaner should influence operations very little, and a cleaner that could slow down the computer considerably may cause plenty of annoyance in the long run, thus making the cleaner not worth it. If speed is not so essential, however, then you can proceed with it.

(3) A registry cleaner, finally, should be easy to use, although effectiveness is paramount to this one.

Registry Cleaners Comparison

Registry cleaners comparison is the best guide for finding out which registry cleaner to use to your computer. Before that, let us explore basic computer maintenance. Computer maintenance is that which keeps a computer functioning properly, and computer users, even in the midst of heavy work with their computers, should take some time off to do standard maintenance procedures.

Most of what we do to a computer, like installing, removing, and changing programs may change the registry values, which could corrupt the registry. Over time, a severely corrupted registry can hamper computer performance, leading to system crashes or worse, to permanent damage to the operating system.

Cleaning up the registry by yourself is not only tedious; even for expert users, the process can still be dangerous, for it involves tinkering directly with the registry. A registry cleaner, however, can simplify the task and ensure the safety of your registry. A registry cleaner brings back your registry to your pristine state by removing all corrupted keys. Choosing the right cleaner could be accomplished by examining many registry cleaners comparison found in the Internet nowadays.

Because registry cleaners in the market are different from each other, it is important for us to do a bit of registry cleaners comparison. That will help us find out which cleaner suits the state of our computer, thus making our dollars spent worth it. Choosing the most fitting registry cleaner depends on a number of set criteria.

First, it is important that the cleaner can remove serious registry errors. Any registry cleaner worth the name can fix routine errors with ease, but only the best could remove all the major redundancies and corrupt keys located in a registry. If you want a cleaner just for periodic maintenance, go for a standard cleaner, but if your computer is in a dire state, you would do best to go for a strong registry cleaner.

Second, some registry cleaners, however, could sometimes alter your operating system permanently, which could make your computer slow down considerably after it is used. Such registry cleaners should not be used unless you know very well the risks associated with that.

Third, a registry cleaner should not be too hard to use such that it is easy to make mistakes using that. Mistakes from using a registry cleaner could make the operating system unstable. How easy a particular cleaner is to use, however, is a secondary concern compared to how adept it is in fixing registry errors.

Blue Screen Error & Memory Dump Tips

When you have been working so hard and all of the sudden the PC is non responsive and what you done isn’t solid you become discomfited. One of the worst things that could happen is the Blue Screen Error, also called “The Terminator“.

That error be capable of occur when you are in the middle of your work or when you are just simply online. Respected blogs and registry cleaner reviews can grant more insight in this issue and the source physical memory dump. Many folks just don’t acknowledge anything some the registry and how this kind of problems be capable of be easily fix. Looking at a frozen or death screen is not going to resolve any problems. To advertise that a cleaner may take care of the blue screen error is one thing, but to rightly mend it is something else.

That particular obstacle is the effect of the computer’s memory being dumped to a file inside a folder. Unfortunately a not well-designed package download in your hard drive know how to create the RAM dumping situation. Another is bad flash cards and external stick devices. Booting up your operating system in dependable Mode occasionally put right a few error problems and may be easily achieved by pressing the F8 at the start up and then the dependable Mode Option. The solution to these annoying computer errors would be a Microsoft verified registry repair platform.

Memory Dump is mainly cause by corrupted entries and files. Having a back up of the registry files will help you to restore in case you have to. Microsoft site has useful tips and tutorials on how to restore dirty files. Some hibernating viruses also lead to the issue.

You could find the dumped file with Windows help looking on the sub-folders. If it is just a minor file, you should be able to defragment it. With so scores of defrag software on the net shouldn’t be hard to have the information from the dump files. Analyzing the “dump file” will be essential to shape the motive behind the error.

Alone by looking up the roots problems someone be able to discover the true causes of the screen errors and that data is capable to be found on the dumb folder. Removing or repairing malfunction software should also resolve the drawback. Henceforth, this method is very multipart and complicated. Moreover, means of solving this difficulty certainly varies from person to person as it depends on the cause of the error.

For as long as new package programs keep hitting the market these problems will always be potential be part of the computer lives. The technology of our time is speedy improving, and day-by-day, more programs are getting created and utilized, exposing the computer to equally more errors. Registry repair program is a must in now’s computer world. Even the blue screen might be repair with a Microsoft approved cleaner. With an error-free PC you could accomplish things faster. After downloading and running one of the best registry cleaner programs on the marketplace nowadays, you may be certain that you will in no way have to deal with the blue screen or any of those errors.

Windows Registry FAQ

Why you need A Windows Certified Registry Cleaner?

To understand the importance of a registry repair program, let learn the basics. The registry is like a computer’s brain and is the one that store all the files. The registry is a recording system. Hardware, software information also is store in the registry program. On the HKEY directory is where are found the new entries.

Separating files in a big and saturated filing cabinet is time consuming. With so many overlapping files the registry need to be clean. It is inevitable for your PC to slow down with so many unnecessary entries and bad files.

If the idea of repairing and sorting out the files yourself seems tempting to you, you would be better off if you forget it. With so many files being constantly store in the registry will be impossible for the operating system to separate them efficiently. It is a fact that you will not be able to locate the bad files. Registry repair can get a little tricky. And that is one of the main reasons we have registry repair programs. In a couple of minutes those programs can repair the whole registry. Now we know that anyone with the proper software can fix the PC.

Can you do the computer repair yourself?

If the problem is not a really serious one, yes you can do the repair yourself. An example of a problem that you can probably fix yourself is the slowing down of the processing speed; you can solve this by just freeing up some space in your hard drive by either deleting files or uninstalling unused programs.

But for the more serious computer issues like hardware malfunctions, hard disk failure, basically anything that is beyond your comprehension should be left to professionals. If you try and do your own computer repair without the proper knowledge on what to do there is a huge risk that you might make things worse.

How Much Will it Cost to Repair a Computer?

It actually depends on who you’re talking to; some computer repair services charge per hour for their services, and there are also some who charge depending on the job that need to be done. Depending on the degree of difficulty of the repair that needs to be done the price could either be higher or lower. If the job is a simple one like a simple diagnostics test it would only cost about $25 max, but if the repair requires the technician to physically open the computer and actually replace some parts it could cost a couple of hundred dollars.

Why Not Just Replace Your Computer?

Because there are a lot of pretty cheap computers being sold today, you might think that it will be cheaper if you would just replace your computer rather than have it repaired. This is not really recommended because when you buy a cheap computer, that’s exactly what you would get, a cheap computer that is flimsily made and is almost sure to be broken after a couple of months. If you want a reliable computer like your old one then you need to spend a lot more money.

Hw to compare the best registry cleaner programs? Which one do I choose?

A lot of older versions of registry cleaners are not compatible with the newer versions of the Windows operating system. If you are running Windows 10 or Windows 11, double check to make sure the cleaner actually states its compatibility with your system.

However, there is no need to worry with any of our 5 Registry Cleaners as they have all been certified to work on any Windows platform.

Another important consideration is checking to make sure you are getting a Windows certified cleaner. If the registry cleaner you are considering for purchase doesn’t have the proper ‘Windows certification‘ then do not buy it! As it will simply not work, or will potentially worsen your system’s functionality.

Again though, you will not have to worry about this with any of our reviewed products, as they are ALL Windows Certified.

Today, most people use one of the 5 most popular and best registry cleaners listed below. The 5 Registry Cleaner Reviews include: CCleaner, Windows Registry, Wise Registry Cleaner, Advanced SystemCare and iolo System Mechanic. All of these 5 registry cleaners are verified to be the best in the registry marketplace and are all compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best registry cleaner for your Windows computer in Sri Lanka, there are several options to consider. After conducting a thorough review and comparison, the top 5 registry cleaners that stand out are CCleaner, Windows Registry, Wise Registry Cleaner, Advanced SystemCare, and iolo System Mechanic.

CCleaner is a powerful registry cleaner that is suitable for both beginners and experts. It offers easy one-click operation and provides automatic scanning for the Windows registry.

Windows Registry is a popular choice for cleaning and repairing the Windows registry. It has a simple interface and effectively restores DLL files.

Wise Registry Cleaner is a user-friendly software that scans the entire hard drive quickly. It offers real-time registry monitoring and has an intuitive interface.

Advanced SystemCare is known for its quick and effective registry error fixing capabilities. It helps improve computer speed and performance.

iolo System Mechanic is a reliable registry cleaner that can fix registry errors and enhance overall computer performance. It offers options for automatic or manual scanning of the registry.

When choosing a registry cleaner, it is important to consider factors such as effectiveness, impact on computer performance, and ease of use. All of the mentioned registry cleaners have been certified for Windows and are compatible with different versions of the operating system.

By selecting the best registry cleaner for your Windows computer in Sri Lanka, you can effectively clean and optimize your PC, leading to improved speed and performance.

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