Muniv beard growth oil

Delay to grow beard and moustache?
Is the beard still not growing in some places?
Is it difficult to maintain the beard due to the itching in the beard area?
Has the beard started to graying at young age?
Does the beard hair look thin?
Do you want to Keep your beard dark, dense and majestic?

How to use it?
Wash your face with warm water daily at night then dry it with clothe.
Then apply the oil on the beard and massage for 5 minutes with your fingers.
After you can go to sleep. Then the next day wash your face with water.
For the first two weeks apply the oil daily after taking a clean shaved.
After that start to grow your beard and apply the beard oil.
Use daily for eight months to get the full benefits.

Avoid using chemical creams during the period of using the oil because those chemicals block the cavities in the jaw so by avoiding it you can prevent from it.

Drink plenty of water and eat high protein foods when you use this oil.

Do exercises as much as you can to get the sweat out.

Muniv oil is made with pure wild herbs so it doesn't have the side effects.

It removes t


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