Best Fire Extinguisher in Sri Lanka

Let’s learn about best fire extinguisher in Sri Lanka. A fire extinguisher is a firefighting tool designed to put out fires.

There are so many fire extinguisher brands and types it’s hard to know which one is best for you.

This article will help select your fire-extinguishing to use in your home or business.

List of best fire extinguishers

No one knows when a fire might break out, so it’s important to be prepared.

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for a fire is to have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Let’s talk a look at the best fire extinguishers.

When to use fire extinguishers

The best time to use a fire extinguisher is when a fire is small and contained.

If the fire is large or spreading, it is best to leave the firefighting to the professionals.

A fire extinguisher is a useful tool to contain the fire when an emergency happens.

A fire extinguisher can contain a fire, but it is not always effective.

For example, if a fire extinguisher is used on a paper fire, it will not put the fire out.

How to use a fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a portable fire extinguishing device used to extinguish fires.

It contains a chemical agent that extinguishes a fire by causing the fire to consume itself.

  1. Make sure always to read the instructions that come with your fire extinguisher before using it.
  2. Pull the pin to release the handle.
  3. Aim at the base of the fire and squeeze the handle to put out a small fire.
  4. Aim at the top of the fire for a large fire and keep your distance. Squeeze the handle and continue spraying until the fire is out.
  5. Make sure always to read the instructions that come with your fire extinguisher before using it.
  6. Squeeze the handle and continue spraying until the fire is out.
  7. Sweep the nozzle back and forth to extinguish a fire in a wide area.

Fire extinguisher FAQ

What are the types of fires? Which fire extinguisher rating do I need?

There are several types of fires, and each type has a different rating.

For example, a fire in a home is rated a Class A fire and requires a 10-foot diameter hose, while a fire in a restaurant is placed a Class B and requires a 3-foot hose.

Where should I keep my fire extinguisher?

Keep your fire extinguisher in a place that is easily accessible and not in a place where it can be damaged by falling debris.

How do I maintain my fire extinguisher?

It is important to maintain your fire extinguisher.

If you leave it in the back of the closet, it will be forgotten, and it will be a lot harder to find when you need it.

You should check the expiration date of your fire extinguisher.

You should also make sure to replace the nozzle if it has been damaged.

Fire extinguishers seem complicated. Shouldn’t I just let the fire department handle a fire?

Fire extinguishers are complicated, but they’re not rocket science.

You can do your part by learning the basics of fire extinguisher use and making sure you know what to do in an emergency.

How does a water fire extinguisher work?

A water fire extinguisher works by using a special chemical that comes in contact with the fire, causing it to cool and stop burning.

The chemical is not toxic, and it is environmentally friendly.

What’s most effective on a Class B fire and a Class C fire?

The most effective way to get people out of a Class B fire is to get them out of the building. The most effective way to get people out of a Class C fire is to get them out of the building.

What else can I do to protect my family against fire and flood?

The most important thing to do is to have a fire extinguisher. Other things to consider are:

  • Have a smoke detector.
  • Have an emergency evacuation plan.
  • Have a communication plan.
  • Have a fire extinguisher.
  • Have a fire blanket.
  • Have a first aid kit.

How to choose fire extinguisher in Sri Lanka


A fire extinguisher must be at least 2 feet (0.6 m) long and have a rating of at least 2A.

A two-pound fire extinguisher is more than enough to fight a small car fire for the average consumer.

These are light enough to handle in a hurry and compact enough to fit securely in your car.

While we believe all drivers should carry a car fire extinguisher, it’s even more crucial for anyone going off-road, racing, or driving a vintage or modified car.

The higher the number preceding each letter, the greater the extinguisher’s effectiveness against a particular type of fire.

Every household has an A, B, or C fire extinguisher for different fires.

If you think there’s a fire, don’t wait to call the professionals – leave it to them!

The NFPA guides the safe use of fire extinguishers in different situations.

The NFPA also provides specific sizes and types of fire extinguishers for particular uses.

The size and type of fire extinguisher you need to use depends on the size, type, and quantity of the fuel involved in a fire.

You should always read the operating instructions for your particular type or size of the fire extinguisher before using it.

Ensure that your emergency escape route is clear before activating your fire extinguisher.

Discharge Time and Range of Fire Extinguisher

Discharge Time and Range of Fire Extinguisher are important parts of a fire extinguisher.

It is the amount of time it takes for a fire extinguisher to release its contents and the amount of distance a fire extinguisher can put out a fire.

The fire extinguisher has a discharge time of 10-15 seconds and a 10-18 feet spray range.

The product is classified under Class A, B and C with a UL rating of 3A:40B: C.

The fire extinguisher carries a mono-ammonium phosphate dry chemical that will easily extinguish the fire under an operating pressure of 195 psi with a discharge time of only 14 seconds and a maximum discharge range of around 18 feet.

The discharge time and range of the fire extinguisher are 14 seconds and 18 feet.

The discharge pressure is 195psi, and the operating time is 14 seconds.

The fire extinguisher contains 5lbs of mono-ammonium phosphate dry chemical.


Fire extinguishers are important for different fires, including those in garages and workshops.

It is important to check the rating of a fire extinguisher before purchasing it and find out how to use it safely.

Fire extinguishers are a crucial part of any fire prevention plan.

Make sure to keep your extinguishers properly stored and monitored.

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