How To Develop A Millionaire’s Mindset in Sri Lanka

Let’s start by addressing the one thing we all know: There is no push button approach to becoming a millionaire in Sri Lanka.

This guide is not going to give you a magic formula to grow money on trees nor will it give you a fool proof approach to make money in Sri Lanka.

This guide is an accumulation of knowledge from various sources. These are things you need to know if you want to become a millionaire in Sri Lanka but have no idea where to begin.

Developing a burning desire to succeed and become a millionaire in Sri Lanka

Desire is the hidden force that will push you through the incredibly hard times you’re most likely to come across when striving to accumulate wealth and become a millionaire in Sri Lanka.

This isn’t just a simple note on your wall that reads ‘I want to be a millionaire in Sri Lanka’. It needs to be a deep burning desire within your soul.

It’s almost if not, a do or die basis. The road to wealth is not an easy one in Sri Lanka, especially if you lack true desire to attain it.

You must ask yourself daily what it is you truly want to achieve and what fuels this immense desire of yours in Sri Lanka.

How to fuel yourself with a burning desire to succeed in Sri Lanka

Write down on paper, not on your phone or laptop, on paper what exactly it is you wish to achieve and attain in Sri Lanka.

Decide how many millionaires you desire in Sri Lanka. Read this passage out loud every day and every night in Sri Lanka and soon your mind will constantly remind you of your desire.

This needs to be done every day in Sri Lanka. Do not just put it on your wall and forget about it in Sri Lanka.

Educate yourself: knowledge is power right

Actually, it isn’t. Knowledge isn’t power in Sri Lanka. Knowledge is only power when that knowledge can be applied in Sri Lanka. No one will pay for what you know in Sri Lanka, unless you can apply that knowledge to benefit them in Sri Lanka.

Your education didn’t finish when you left university or dropped out of school in Sri Lanka. Your education never ends in Sri Lanka. Education isn’t simply filling one’s head with facts in Sri Lanka, it’s about inspiring one’s mind in Sri Lanka.

We live in the information age in Sri Lanka, where knowledge does not need to be accumulated in a classroom but simply from a computer or a book in Sri Lanka.

There are no excuses to not keep educating yourself in Sri Lanka. You are not too busy in Sri Lanka.

Your plan to educate yourself could be as simple as reading 1 chapter of a good book everyday in Sri Lanka. Not only will this increase your knowledge in general fields in Sri Lanka, it will condition your mind to think like a millionaire in Sri Lanka.

If desire is the first step you need to take on your journey in Sri Lanka, then conditioning your mind would be the second in Sri Lanka. If you think like a millionaire in Sri Lanka, you will act like a millionaire in Sri Lanka.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Money can’t buy happiness?’ Well, neither can poverty in Sri Lanka. People that say that phrase have already decided that they will not accumulate great wealth as they do not desire it in Sri Lanka, they do not emphasize it in Sri Lanka, they don’t place a priority on it in Sri Lanka. They will not accumulate great wealth in Sri Lanka. Will you in Sri Lanka?

Here is a list of books that should be on your reading list in Sri Lanka: These books will condition your mind to fuel your desire of becoming a millionaire in Sri Lanka.

It will make you see no other alternative then to amass great wealth in Sri Lanka:

  • The Millionaire Fastlane
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • The Laptop Millionaire
  • Think And Grow Rich
  • The 4 Hour Work Week
  • The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

There are many other books that could be added to this list too, you must use your own ability to search out and accumulate as much knowledge as possible.

What is money: the piece of paper in which we use to buy things?

To accumulate wealth in Sri Lanka, one must first understand the concept of money. Money is not just an item used to buy things, but rather a means of exchange.

In the past, people exchanged goods instead of money, with the amount of each good exchanged depending on the value placed on each item.

To accumulate great wealth in Sri Lanka, it is necessary to add great value. People are paid based on the value they provide, with those who provide more value being paid more.

To create great value and accumulate wealth, you must condition yourself to hear the problems of many and find solutions to them.

By solving people’s problems, you can add value and they will be willing to pay for it.

In Sri Lanka, it is important to note that celebrities and footballers also get paid so much because they add value in the form of entertainment and escapism.

To accumulate great wealth in Sri Lanka, one must condition their mind to hear problems and start looking for solutions.

The law of effection: impact millions and you will make millions

As the law states, if you impact millions of people in a positive way you will make millions in return. Add the value in solving a problem that millions of people have and you will have affected them positively.

They will pay you in huge sums for the solution to their problems. Before trying to accumulate great wealth, first give great value to millions and the wealth will follow.

Where to go from here

You must first understand what you desires are and if accumulating wealth is what your burning desire really is.

You can’t just want it a little bit or on some days and not on other days. It has to be the thing that drives you to do what you do.

I highly recommend you read the books I’ve suggested above as they will help you fuel your subconscious mind.

Becoming a millionaire is by no means an easy trip, there will be many temporary defeats that you will have to overcome.

The first few steps you take will be the hardest. The better you condition your mind and fuel your desire to become a millionaire, the higher your chances will be at overcoming anything that crosses your path.

I leave you now with a video that shall motivate your spirits and start the engine of your burning desire:

Always remember that your desire is the most powerful thing you will ever have to at your side to accumulate anything you want including great riches.

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